5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11 In 2023

5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11

If you are searching Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11 then here we provide you 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11.

Free Calendar Apps for Windows: Utilizing a calendar can help you organize your duties, plan events, and determine how your day can be better utilized. Third-party applications are the best option for additional functionality, even though the built-in Calendar app handles essential tasks. Choosing the top calendar software is never easy because there are so many of them available. The top 5 free calendar applications for Windows 11 are listed below.

Even though many calendar applications have free versions, it is always important to know what is and is not included. Because these supplementary features, such as tags, collaborative documents, notes, etc., are the ones that will eventually influence your choice of app. So let’s take a close look at some of the top free calendar apps for Windows 11 in no specific order.


(5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11)

ClickUp offers a lot more than a standard calendar tool. You can make as many tasks as you want, work together on documents, and build task management checklists here. Once a job is finished, you can modify its status and advance it.

Additionally, you can make notes and assign a task level. Mark the task as completed when it is done to take it off the list.

Free Calendar Apps for Windows

You can build new spaces with ClickUp and share them with others. You can add papers, add new tasks, and even make new chat windows here. You can look through all of your open tasks in the My Work column. The whiteboard can be used to efficiently track other items and sort through your tasks.

Although the ClickUp basic app has all the necessary functions, it can be difficult to use. Having too many options available at once can also be confusing, particularly if you’re just starting out with the service. To use and comprehend the app more effectively, we had to look through the manuals.

We can only hope that ClickUp will soon include live walkthroughs or other self-help resources.


  • Task customization available
  • In-app video recording available
  • Live pulse overview and time tracking in the free version
  • Good customer support


  • The interface can be confusing
  • Limited in-app help features available
  • Platform Available: Web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux
  • Price: Free | Paid Version: $5/member/month onwards


Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook are just a few of the many goods available from Microsoft. The free calendar organizer in Outlook Calendar, which is powered by OneDrive, can assist you with scheduling and sharing meetings, synchronizing tasks, and more. The best bit, though? As long as you have an active Outlook account, you can use it for free.

Free Calendar Apps for Windows

At first look, the app interface might seem straightforward, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Additionally, you can access other Microsoft services like Word from the sidebar.

The board feature can also be used to get a detailed overview of your daily duties. Additionally, you’ll be able to sync your calendar and make new items like tasks or notes.

Additionally, you can alter your usual calendar view using the menu choices. So have fun with this unpaid calendar tool. Start a new meeting, make several plans, categorize events with color-coded tags, and share your content with anyone you want, even if they don’t have a Microsoft account.


  • Does not require a subscription
  • Syncs across devices using the same Microsoft account
  • Easy-to-use
  • Event sharing available for non-Microsoft accounts


  • A Microsoft account is required to operate
  • Menu options can’t be customized
  • Platform Available: Web, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free


A superior app can be changed at any time. In light of this, Any.do enables you to integrate all recent data from other third-party services including ClickUp, Todoist, Asana, and more. You can switch between your daily, weekly, and monthly chores using the app’s user interface. You can decide to keep your lists private when working collaboratively with others.

Free Calendar Apps for Windows

You can choose to add chores to your calendar, and after you’ve done so, you can give them tags and a due date. Any.do make sure that you are always in charge even when working in collaborative environments by enabling you to make your shared board private. Additionally, you can design unique filters and include them in duties.

Other helpful tools, such as WhatsApp reminders, setting up recurring tasks, colour tags for integration, etc. are only available to paid users. Additionally, there are no restrictions on how many project boards you can create or team members you can join in collaborative workspaces.

To better grasp these features, though, you might need some additional help as a beginner.


  • Multi-language support available
  • Calendar sync features
  • Interactive walkthroughs and help videos
  • Templates available


  • The free version lacks WhatsApp reminders
  • Customer support is not that great
  • Platform Available: Web, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  • Price: Free | Paid Version: $3/user/month onwards

Todoist, one of the best cross-platform calendar apps, enables you to make tasks, categorise them according to importance, and give them due dates, labels, filters, and tags. You can see your schedule in the sections that are directly below the corresponding date where these tasks show. Additionally, the newly added chores sync and appear in your calendar on all devices that are signed into the same account.

Free Calendar Apps for Windows

You can quickly switch between the daily and monthly assignment panels thanks to the app’s efficient design. Then you can monitor the progress of your job and, when it is finished, mark it as completed to take it off the daily schedule. Additionally, you can make distinct projects, alter the appearance of the panel, and add tasks to them as necessary.

While Todoist’s paid version offers more features like shared team inboxes, automatic backups, themes, etc., it is best suitable for business use. The free edition of Todoist might be all you need if you use it as your personal calendar application.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Calendar sync features
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports Collaboration in the free version


  • Automatic backups and reminders are not available in the free version
  • Themes can’t be customized in the basic version
  • Platform Available: Web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux
  • Price: Free | Paid Version: $4/user/month onwards


Google Calendar has it all with the integration of the complete Google suite. You can share your calendar events with contacts, add tasks, and color-code your activities here. Google Calendar automatically syncs with all devices connected to the same Google account because it is entirely cloud-based.

 Free Calendar Apps for Windows

Despite the lack of a dedicated desktop calendar for Windows, you can still sync your Google Calendar by adding the Google Calendar widget to the Windows Calendar app. By scheduling appointments, inviting people to meetings, and coordinating with your complete team all from the Windows calendar, you can do this to easily manage your work hours.

You have the choice when creating an event to add a place, specify the reminder time, color-code it, and, if necessary, add additional notes. Additionally, even though Google offers subscriptions for its Google Workspace services, the operation, and features of Google Calendar are largely unaffected.


  • Integration with other Google services
  • Calendar sync features available
  • Ability to create blocks in the schedule
  • Using Windows Mail and Calendar app allows direct access to mail


  • No native Windows app
  • Few advanced features compared to other apps
  • Platform Available: Web, Windows(through Calendar app), Android, and iOS
  • Subscription: Free


1. Does Google Calendar sell your data?

You also have the option to go into your Google account settings and delete your prior activity data, as per Google, user data is kept private at all times and is not sold to anyone.

2. Can I use the native Windows Mail and Calendar app with other services as well?

Yes, there are options to combine other calendars with the Windows Mail and Calendar app. Simply add the supported account and wait for it to sync in the Windows Mail and Calendar program.

3. Which calendar app should I go for, Calendly or Google Calendar?

The features offered by Calendly and Google Calendar are very comparable. While Google Calendar undoubtedly has an advantage with more features in the free edition, Calendly may have an advantage due to its cross-platform support. So you can choose either of the two based on your usage.


Your calendar aids you in remaining organized as the workplace moves more and more towards the hybrid/work-from-home model. We, therefore, trust that our list of the top 5 free calendar apps for Windows 11 has assisted you in selecting the program that best suits your needs. You can also read our piece highlighting the top Android appointment-setting apps.

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